welcome to my partition on the world wide web! by the kindness & generosity of a distant friend this space still exists. so, thank you--always.

born Thuong Thuong (Love Love, translated) my nickname is Terry. yes, you may have though that it was a "male's spelling" of the name, but nay! i say: it is unisexual in sound and spelling. i know plenty-a-female (okay, only one other) that spells her name is such a way. perhaps you don't even care. quite frankly, i don't care if you don't care because if you're still reading this you are at the very least remotely interested in what i might have to say. so, continuing on...

i've now survived to reach my mid-twenties (my goodness that sounds so disheartening to someone who still feels eighteen at heart!). what a gift it is to be alive though! young heart; old soul. i have cried, laughed, yelled, screamed, pushed, and fought hard to live my life and love it for what it is. a ucla alumni (go bruins!), i am pursuing one of my many (many) passions in life: life itself. my forever-occupation: a student of life. i am a true sagittarian at heart: independent, freedom-loving, adventurous, passionate. there is so much i want to do, so many places i want to see & experience, but so little time in just one lifetime to accomplish. i will do my best to do as much as i can though, 'time-money-&-opportunity' willing.

i love reading ridiculously long novels--as long as the first 10 pages can pull me in--curled under some fuzzy blankets and sipping on some hot chocolate while it's raining outside. a romantic at heart, i love to do things that make people smile "just because." i also like writing ridiculously long e-mails & blogs. i get carried away with the poetry and fluidity of words. they literally spill from my fingertips once i tip the jar. this is wholly intertwined with the fact that i love to read. i also relish in creating art with my own two hands or by the stroke of a pen or pencil. drawing, painting, photographing: i love to do it all!

music keeps me going and nourishes my soul. i cannot sleep alone without having music lull me to sleep. i always have a song in my head--whether it be something from the radio, a classical music composition, a disney track, or just some strange, made-up tune to keep me company.

i love, love, love nature & animals! the discovery channel & national geographic have got me hooked! our planet is a beautiful place and all of the creatures living on it deserve respect. i adore bunnies & puppies! i love being outdoors and doing all sorts of things: camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving (padi certified!), snowboarding, climbing all sorts of things, bbq'ing--the works! i love watching sunsets & sunrises out and away from the insanity of the city. the beach is also a great place to relax. i enjoy the company of others who share this same freedom-loving-adventurous-passion-for-life.

i hope that people see me as level-headed. i try to be neutral about things, to not take sides on personal matters, to mind my own business, to keep confidential information confidential, to be trustworthy, to be objective, to be inviting, and to be loyal.

i may be brash at times because i tend to lose myself in being sensitive to others, but i've tried hard at late to put myself in other's shoes so that i can be more patient and understanding. i realize that people have gone through circumstances that i can never understand. on the same token, people also need to be open and understand that i have also gone through circumstances that they will never be able to begin to fathom. much of who i am is because of what i have gone through, though i may never really be courageous enough to come forth with such information for fear of judgment. i think it'd be safe to say that there are others that feel the same way.

there is nothing methodical about the way i've set up this site. it is organized based on my own convoluted reasonings of how and where things should go. i suppose you can say that it is my orderly chaos. it is what it is--basic html. no fancy roll-overs or flash (maybe later), just pure simple, lazy html with the trusty assistance of dreamweaver and my limited cs3 design capabilities!

i've rambled long enough about myself! feel free to peruse my site. take care.

thuong terry