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Rainfall sounds
pitter patter,
more like floods;
Sky grows darker,
clouds grow thicker,
much like blood;
Tears from heaven
fall like hail;
Tears of hope
we won't fail;
Glistening paths
slick with water;
Days grow colder
nights no hotter;

Past is gone,
present has come, it is now;
Time not frozen,
we keep on moving
someway, somehow we all
must finish our work;
Just another day,
to soothe the wounds of our past;
Just another day,
before our last.

- - -

(26 February 2004)

(in Vietnamese)

Mua ra tieng,
giot giot,
giong hon nan;
Troi bat ddau toi,
may dden nhieu,
rat giong mau;
Nuoc mat o tren troi
di xuong giong troi mua dda;
Nuoc mat cua vong
cac minh khong su hong thi;
Dduong sang long lang
muot voi nuoc;
May ngay bat ddau lanh hon
buoi toi khong co nong hon;

Ngay sua dda qua,
hien dien toi roi, ddang bay gio;
Thoi gian khong bi ddong lai,
cac minh tiep tuc
bang cach nay cach khac, cac minh phai lam xong viec;
Chi mot ngay nua,
lam vuot ve vet thuong cua ngay sua;
Chi mot ngay nua,
truoc ngay dden sau.